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BLOG: How rights holders are managing to enhance & maintain digital engagement during the COVID-19 crisis

In this paper, we look at how InCrowd clients are successfully navigating a situation that no one was fully prepared for, implementing new strategies and uses for their digital engagement tools whilst battling major digital media outlets to maintain fans’ attention. In addition, we gather valuable insight from sports marketing experts on what we can expect for sports on “the other side” and present InCrowd’s four-step approach for rights holders in order to create their own positive outcome to the COVID-19 crisis and placing them in better stead for when sport makes its triumphant return.

Data segmentation & planning – achieve your goals

Everyone is talking a good game about data. Single customer views, segmentation, ROI, buzzword after buzzword. Most rights holders and brands know what they want to achieve in this space, but the reality is that the majority are not really set-up to deliver their ambition. I’ve witnessed this time and time again when I hear very forward-thinking audience owners (rights holders, brands, media etc.) explaining what they are trying to achieve, before then going on to admit the struggles they have or simply not living up to their original story.